is currently having a sale, and I just ordered their Switch Dr and their Pedal Palette.

The Switch Dr. is a 4-loop switcher with MIDI control features. This allows me to integrate other devices with the 11R and use MIDI to control 11R settings.

When you are in preset mode, you select a preset which sends out a few MIDI patch change messages (select a patch on your 11R), it also can send out a few MIDI CC messages (set some specific values for parameters on your 11R). Don't forget, you can now select the input source on the 11R via CC, so you can have an acoustic guitar preset and this will switch the input for you. But you will also need to add this input selection to other presets to switch it back from the mic in to the gtr in. Don't forget to do this, as you don't want to run your acoustic guitar into a big gain rig. That would be bad.

There is a jack on the Switch Dr for one expression pedal-- and you can change the CC of the pedal per preset. So you can use the 11R's built in pedal in for some parameters, and use the Switch Dr pedal for others. That takes care of two of your feet.

This device doesn't switch loop orders. Their Pedal Palette does that (and quite a bit more), but lacks many of the MIDI features of the Switch Dr.

Their sale prices are low enough that I ended up ordering both the Switch Dr and the Pedal Palette.