Well it's been 19-days since I received the Fractal Axe Fx II XL+ & this is where I'm at so far.

I created 2-mini tunes (FAS & Furious II & Road Trip USA) where I showcase my favorite tones so far.

The biggest surprise to me about Fractal & the Axe Fx is not the stellar tones, even though they are uber impressive. The easy of use & how quick it is to achieve them is what is really surprising me here.

The lead on "FAS & Furious II" is the FAS Modern II amp, & boy is that a killer fun amp to play through.

The 2nd mini song called "Road Trip USA" is the USA Clean amp w/ the BB preamp in front of it & 2-digital delay fx.

I really wish I would have known how easy this thing is to use a long time ago.....& the selection of amps, cabs, drive pedals & FX is just mind blowing.

If you're on the fence....I'm pushing you over to the other side people!!!! laugh

Good luck in your tone hunt & "Grow a beard"! :p

Peace! X-Mann

PS - This video was a total blast to make & I had some help from some good friends too!
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