I was a little curious how everyone is using the reverb, chorus, delay, etc.

My goto reverbs are the Studio and Arena ones lately (studio for riffs/arena for solos). I'm still trying to figure out after all this time, if I'm using too little or too much on the studio reverb, but it has some cool depth if you push it above five and doesn't seem to hurt anything in the mixing process.

Overdrives, I've started to like the BlackOp distortion more for the 80's metal type sounds and the Green OD for the classic rock as well as some of the Modern styles. Sometimes I'll use the volume pedal to lower the volume after the overdrive so I get the character of it without too much extra oomph going into the amp. It has it's own character vs turning the knobs down. Like having an extra knob for output.

The Graphic EQ has made a comeback in tone shaping for me for getting things to sound just right.

The multichorus is tricky, but I usually turn the mix way up to dial it in and then back down until you can just notice a diference. I used to do this with all FX, but like the reverbs up a little more these days. I also either use all six voices or just one voice, wide, low cut 100Hz or so. Rate 0.19s, Depth of 10, delay of 7ms (cut that in half from what I used to and seems to get rid of the phasing). Mix about 15%, just enough to give it some character.

Dynamic delays, I like Cross mode, seems more constant and not phasey. A little to the right 100:90, High Cut 13.5k, low cut 80...just a bit to keep noises from echoing. Width 100%. Evironment is a bit tricky, but I set that up so that it kind of rolls off instead of having too much feedback that can make extra noises. This is where you could spend a lot of time figuring out if you want this to take over at 100% or what. But the only use for me is to shorten that last delay if you are muting a lot or need to stop for a second without your palm mute being delayed and sounding like feedback.

If I were going for a vintage sound, there'd be a lot of different choices, tape delay or BBD. Just curious if anybody else has a thought process for getting sounds or even if you discovered something sounds good and has that sweet spot that makes everything sound/feel better.
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