Mine's not finished, there's a lot of weird tracks that need some gating nd messing around, so I'm just doing a reamp for now with Eleven Rack, EPSi, Ownhammer, and the Kemper IR. Good project to practice reamping, hone your audio skills, maybe win something.

So for the prizes we have:

First Prize: Toontrack EXMix2 and Metal Gear Gods 3 with a 250 voucher towards a Vandermeij Guitars custom build.
Second Prize: 25% off Voucher for any model in the Driftwood Amplifiersrange
Third Prize: Arobas Music - Guitar Pro 6 license

Wav files can be downloaded from this link:

So the rules:
1) You mix this to your tastes
2) You must submit to either Youtube or soundcloud and it must have the following tags: #EUGGmixofmassdestruction #mixofmassdestruction(so we can search this easily)
3) You should also submit a link in the comments below
4) Deadline is the 18th December 2015. We will announce the winners as soon as we get through all the entries.

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