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#44922 - 11/21/15 12:10 PM 11R on stage thru amp
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I've been trying to get 11R to sound good through one of my Mesa Boogie amps. I'd love to hear from you if you use 11R live through a guitar amp. How did you get it to work for you?

#44923 - 11/21/15 01:33 PM Re: 11R on stage thru amp [Re: jrichview]
mpaoletta Offline
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I have a DC-5, and couldn't get a good sound running through the loop. It was too bassy. I had some ok tones via the input, disabling cab emulation and using a flat eq. But getting an Alto TS112 and Singtall's presets was really game changing.

#44926 - 11/23/15 09:57 PM Re: 11R on stage thru amp [Re: mpaoletta]
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I run my amp through the clean channel totally dry with some good tube warmth but no hair or distortion. I run the guitar straight in to the 11R to the input of the amp. Simple as that. I tend to keep the break-up on the speakers low in my simulations, as I get speaker break up from the actual amp/cab. Singtall sounds are always a good start with this system.
This works with my Carvin Legacy, Black label Krank, Crate VooDoos, Marshall and even my Little Stiff. My guess is the Krank is as close as I have to your Mesa. The effects loop never worked worth a crap with the Krank and the 11R. Plugged straight in to the input and I was done!
If you are close to me, come on over and we will work it out.

#44932 - 11/24/15 08:03 PM Re: 11R on stage thru amp [Re: Wannabe]
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I tweaked 3-4 presets to play thru an old Carvin X60 amp, plugged into effect loop with Rig no Cab. The sound is usable but not stellar, probably because of the speaker.

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#44943 - 11/28/15 06:08 AM Re: 11R on stage thru amp [Re: DonaldR]
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4 Cable Method dude!!!!

#44955 - 12/01/15 04:05 AM Re: 11R on stage thru amp [Re: ProfessorBen]
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I have better results with rack gear going into the input of a combo, clean channel and run the bass at noon and the mid and treble at 9 o'clock and still have room to tweak eq with presence.

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