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#44801 - 10/27/15 08:53 PM 11R as 4cm for Framus Cobra?
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What up peeps? It's been awhile since I have been here. You may remember me from such forum jams as :

I may get another jam going soon if anyone is still around/interested

But I came for info
I have Framus Cobra that is awesome, it was actually Uli Roth's on his tour last year so that is kind of cool too.
But the loop is hideous; I think it is +4 parallel
People say the to use a rack fx such as an Intellifex and it will work, but I'm thinking this may be a good time get back in on the 1`1R cheap cheap.
Do you think it would work well as 4cm?

Another question, I have a Behinger FCB with a chip designed to work with Kemper. I wonder if that would work ok with 11R? It has the bottom row of buttons for program changes and the top row as virtual stomps
Long shot there, but curious if anyone ever tried that


#44809 - 10/28/15 12:41 PM Re: 11R as 4cm for Framus Cobra? [Re: crankyrayhanky]
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Dude I'm in for the JAM...

The if FCB1010 mod chip is an EUREKA prom it should have the 11r settings it it to you just have to switch the program.

Selecting a Configuration

Here are the steps to select a configuration within the EurekaPROM:
Keep switches 1 and 2 pressed while powering up the unit.
You'll see "A3" appear on the 7-segment display, and the Pedal 5 LED begin to flash.
You can scroll through the configurations using the UP and DOWN pedal. The configurations include:
In the 7-Segment Display Select if your Effects Box is:
A3 Roger Linn Design AdrenaLinn 3
PA Kemper Profiling Amp
VA Behringer V-Amp Series
Vb Behringer Bass V-Amp Series
11 Avid Eleven Rack
G- TC Electronic G-Force, G-Major, G-Major 2, G-Sharp, Nova
FA Fractal Audio Axe-FX II
Po Line6 POD Series
bo BOSS GT-PRO, Roland VG-99/BG-99, etc.
PP Pedal Programmed for other effect units.
Once you've selected a configuration, press Pedal 5 to select it.
The configuration selection is stored in non-volatile memory in the FCB1010, so it'll remember your choice the next time you power the FCB1010.
Here's a video showing the Select Configuration procedure:

You pobably know already but here is a tutorial 4cb Explained
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#44814 - 10/28/15 04:34 PM Re: 11R as 4cm for Framus Cobra? [Re: jaminjimlp]
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We're getting the band back together? grin
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