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#43009 - 03/05/15 11:56 AM Re: Eleven Rack Cutting Out [Re: Downrazor11]
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Hey Bnote,

Just to triple check...I dont see in any of your posts if you said that you checked to see if it was the noise gate settings or not, because it sounds like that is the problem that you are having. A little clarification may help...

You have to adjust the noise gate for each rig. If you have any doubts when you get it back from repair, just turn the noise gate off on all of your rigs & test to see if that eliminates your problem.
The noise gate was one of the features that I was hoping Avid would update, because it is a fairly limited gate IMO. It could use separate attack and release controls.

Good Luck


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#44693 - 10/11/15 07:27 PM Re: Eleven Rack Cutting Out [Re: mikefont]
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I had this problem yesterday, narrowed it down to a guitar cable that was at least 30 years old hadn't been used in 28 years! Seemed to work, except level would drop of then come back and fade. I just wanted to utilize some old cables, not anymore! Rigged it with recent cables and went off to my gig last night without a hitch.
One thing that happened first was moving from patch C3 back to A2
I noticed every patch I scrolled through had the wrong details on the screen. Shut off the unit, turned it on and the screen was back to normal, then the audio problem. Now everything works with good cabling.

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