IR loader pedal

Posted by: DonaldR

IR loader pedal - 05/27/19 02:24 PM

I'm looking for an IR loader, ideally on a pedal format. Really like my 11R playing live direct to FOH, but lacking a bit when playing with headphones. Thinking adding an IR and bypassing the 11R cab sims might improve it this situation.

Any opinion between those:
- Mooer Radar (cab + poweramp + EQ)
- Hotone Omni IR (aux-in + phone out)
- Ampli Firebox (more than IR pedal but might be useful as a backup or when I want everything fitting in a gigbag)
- other?
Posted by: Downrazor11

Re: IR loader pedal - 06/04/19 12:24 PM

I don't know if this fits your requirements but I love my EPSi (by Logidy) IR box with Ownhammer IRs.. I would not want to play without that in the FX loop of the 11r..
Posted by: DonaldR

Re: IR loader pedal - 06/04/19 01:38 PM

Looks like they are out-of-business.
Posted by: Downrazor11

Re: IR loader pedal - 06/04/19 01:43 PM

I have seen them on eBay/reverb from time to time for ~$150, but I also know I would be wary buying an electrical device from an out of business company.. Thanks for the info, it is a shame though..
Posted by: DonaldR

Re: IR loader pedal - 06/06/19 06:05 PM

Maybe I will upgrade to an Headrush Gigboard.
Posted by: stub

Re: IR loader pedal - 06/24/19 11:19 PM

I was looking at that Hotone Omni IR. It has a nice feature set.
Posted by: DonaldR

Re: IR loader pedal - 06/25/19 11:42 AM

Is the Hotone Omni IR out yet?
Posted by: stub

Re: IR loader pedal - 07/02/19 06:08 PM

Looks like Sam Ash has them in stock, as well as Amazon (2 left). (7/2/19)
Posted by: T.C.Kramer

Re: IR loader pedal - 07/08/19 12:12 PM

I agree with Downrazor. The EPSi with Ownhammer IR's is the way to go. Makes the 11R sound like a much better machine.
Posted by: ujnhunter

Re: IR loader pedal - 10/04/19 03:06 PM

I like my Mooer Radar, but haven't used it with my 11R. I use it with my preamp pedals and it sounds great. You can use the onboard cab sims / power amp / eq or load your own IRs (Ownhammer if you so choose).
Posted by: stub

Re: IR loader pedal - 10/06/19 02:04 PM

I just ordered a Radar. I don't know how the convolution and latency in it compares to things like the Logidy EPSi or Hotone Omni IR. I'll be curious to try it. There weren't any major red flags in reviews I saw, other than some people had trouble updating the software.

There are a couple other mooer pedals that load IR's (GE series, but not all of them).

I don't know how much difference it makes whether an IR loader has the capability to use longer IR samples-- the Radar is limited to 1024 samples-- which I believe is around 20ms.
Posted by: DonaldR

Re: IR loader pedal - 10/07/19 11:57 AM

Good. Let us know how it turns out.
The good thing about the Radar is power amp section (useful for pedalboards) and EQ (useful as the missing global eq in 11R).
I will take a look at the Hotone Omni IR because it adds (over the Radar) XLR output and aux-in, so I can use it with a small preamp pedal for headphone practice/jam on the go.
Posted by: stub

Re: IR loader pedal - 10/08/19 11:39 AM

The Omni IR does look like nicer hardware config-- both in terms of i/o and just having proper footswitch functionality.

We can compare notes.
Posted by: stub

Re: IR loader pedal - 10/11/19 02:16 PM

Tried out the Mooer Radar. My first test was with my 5-string bass.

I immediately noticed an annoying distortion when trying a clean bass sound. I'm not sure if it is digital quantization noise (it seemed to track pitch, so it is harmonic distortion). It sounds like a buzzy, almost rattly noise. It was present regardless of various settings, however, some settings, like having amp sim enabled, and boosting level, made it worse. The sound was clean in (true) bypass mode.

It's the exact same digital garbage I heard with a Zoom MS-100BT. Probably similar or same cheap Shi++y ADC.

If you can't get a good clean sound, and you can't use it on bass, then it's worse than worthless. You couldn't pay me to use it.

I boxed it up the Radar and sent it right TF back.
Posted by: Downrazor11

Re: IR loader pedal - 10/24/19 08:27 PM

I've heard distortion like that before too, it sucks. Let us know if you find something that works for you!
Posted by: DonaldR

Re: IR loader pedal - 10/25/19 02:48 PM

Sad, cause the Radar was well regarded by Pete Thorne. But he was not playing bass ;-)

One off the reason I chosen the Eleven Rack was the included bass models, so I could play guitar and bass (my main instrument) with the same equipment. When I bought it, it was the only one at the time having bass amps and guitars amps in the same box, for live and recording. Still a joy to play but eyeing Headrush Gigboard mainly because of IR loader and small form factor to fit in my guitar/bass gigbag (also with aux-in for silent practice without a computer).
Posted by: stub

Re: IR loader pedal - 10/26/19 04:17 PM

I didn't realize Headrush Gig/Pedalboards are 11R ports to different hardware. It's a great idea, as it takes the format out of a rack, and supposedly enhances the sounds. Adding the ability to load custom IR's is a big plus. Glad they kept full MIDI implementation.

If it follows the 11R's general specs, then hopefully the latency is similarly low. I didn't see any published spec about what length of IR it would load. I got a vague impression that you could choose a length but that it would limit the amount of CPU available for other processes. Not clear AT ALL.

The only pitch-shifting seems to be through two "Expression Pedal" effects: the "Harm" or "Wham". This makes me assume there isn't a decent pitch-shifter.

EDIT: took a look at Premiere Guitar's review, and it said that the overall sound is "highly" compressed. So that's a HUGE deal-breaker. That is one of the things I HATED about the Pod HD500, no dynamics. I'm not just talking about response to distortion, I mean, you dig in and hit the strings hard and the output is squished. It was surprising, because coming from a humble Zoom pedal with GREAT dynamics, the pod sucked (literally).