What's your favorite Eleven Rack FX?

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What's your favorite Eleven Rack FX? - 12/03/15 06:58 AM

I was a little curious how everyone is using the reverb, chorus, delay, etc.

My goto reverbs are the Studio and Arena ones lately (studio for riffs/arena for solos). I'm still trying to figure out after all this time, if I'm using too little or too much on the studio reverb, but it has some cool depth if you push it above five and doesn't seem to hurt anything in the mixing process.

Overdrives, I've started to like the BlackOp distortion more for the 80's metal type sounds and the Green OD for the classic rock as well as some of the Modern styles. Sometimes I'll use the volume pedal to lower the volume after the overdrive so I get the character of it without too much extra oomph going into the amp. It has it's own character vs turning the knobs down. Like having an extra knob for output.

The Graphic EQ has made a comeback in tone shaping for me for getting things to sound just right.

The multichorus is tricky, but I usually turn the mix way up to dial it in and then back down until you can just notice a diference. I used to do this with all FX, but like the reverbs up a little more these days. I also either use all six voices or just one voice, wide, low cut 100Hz or so. Rate 0.19s, Depth of 10, delay of 7ms (cut that in half from what I used to and seems to get rid of the phasing). Mix about 15%, just enough to give it some character.

Dynamic delays, I like Cross mode, seems more constant and not phasey. A little to the right 100:90, High Cut 13.5k, low cut 80...just a bit to keep noises from echoing. Width 100%. Evironment is a bit tricky, but I set that up so that it kind of rolls off instead of having too much feedback that can make extra noises. This is where you could spend a lot of time figuring out if you want this to take over at 100% or what. But the only use for me is to shorten that last delay if you are muting a lot or need to stop for a second without your palm mute being delayed and sounding like feedback.

If I were going for a vintage sound, there'd be a lot of different choices, tape delay or BBD. Just curious if anybody else has a thought process for getting sounds or even if you discovered something sounds good and has that sweet spot that makes everything sound/feel better.
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Re: What's your favorite Eleven Rack FX? - 12/08/15 05:49 PM

Wah.. shine
OD.. Grn/TS
Analog Chorus
UniVibe Vibe/Phaser
TAPE ECHO!!!!!!!!! Learn to love it..
5 band EQ pedal.. I stick this in the effects loop of EVERYTHING.. in 11R and in real life to give me a small spike at 2k.. a little tiny cut on the utmost high and low fader.. just below the flat line.. BARELY.. but a 5db boost in output.. just gives me MORE of what I like about any particular amp.. maybe adds a little width..
the small wooden room reverb..
these are really the only things I use both as effects and for mix etc.
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Re: What's your favorite Eleven Rack FX? - 12/09/15 05:12 AM

I don't use effects much because I record the amps only, but these are my favorites:
Wha: shine
OD: TS9 (as a booster)
Phaser: MXR model
Dynamic delay.

I don't like too much choruses: after having owned a CE-2 no other chorus sounds good to me anymore.
I need to experiment more with flanger and Univibe.
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Re: What's your favorite Eleven Rack FX? - 12/11/15 07:31 AM

I'm using the 11R for live sound and I play modern country and 90's rock.

Wha- Shine I usually restrict the sweep via my midi controller

Comp Grey Comp comp set between 25% and 40% level 50% to 70%
I didn't like the comp at first but playing at higher volumes it sounds much better.

OD's TS love hate relationship
White boost occasionally though it can be harsh

EQ I'll use them as a boost to od the amp and midi control the output level para or graphic

Delay Tape I usually back the record level down slightly to limit the distortion. Midi tap tempo

Reverb Room mix 3-4 tone 50% sometimes the Spring or large plate.

It's not really an effect but I like to play around with the impedance + cap settings. If the patch is too harsh I'll lower that first before thinking of using any eq ( besides the amp eq ).
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Re: What's your favorite Eleven Rack FX? - 12/11/15 02:58 PM

Sometimes I forget about things like Spring verb and changing the impedance. On auto, throwing the wah in puts in on 70 I think, and is a really smooth sound for solos and overdubs but I've not gotten around to seeing if maybe that white boost would clean up with it. Same thing with tubescreamer on the love hate thing because it seems to overdo it. What I've been doing lately is keeping the level way down so it's barely there and it's more like the real one. Sometimes I have to even use the volume pedal to take the guitar signal lower so it's not coming in so hot. From there, a graphic EQ can really bring out the best and worst, so is helpful to dial up things with it on slightly boosting the highs. Lots of tonal possibilities.

Sometimes it's the grey comp I like, sometimes the DYN comp post amp makes everything feel just right and breathe a little.
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Re: What's your favorite Eleven Rack FX? - 12/11/15 03:14 PM

The Eleven Rack Reverbs are HANDS DOWN just STELLAR!!!!

I've gotten SO use to them that other High End Modeling units NEED to have this kind of quality.

The Helix didn't have it & was another big reason for not keeping it.

The Drive pedals are also just great. The White Boost pedal alone is such a musical & helpful pedal.

Peace! X

PS - I'm a delay freak & the 11R truly holds its own here as well.
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Re: What's your favorite Eleven Rack FX? - 12/11/15 04:43 PM

Yes on the delays. I first recieved a tip way back when (in 2000 I think), I didn't know how to dial them up, but they were definitely adding something nice. The tip was very simple, just start around 400/500ms, get your delay to fit, then turn the mix down until you hear a difference when you turn it on and off. Most hardware delays just wont get in that zone where they blend in just right. So really happy with that, and that you can hi/low pass to make it roomy without sounding like artifacts from using a delay. Using mono delay is also kinda cool as you can pan it off to the right for kind of a 3D type effect. I think that's one of the standard uses also, from what I remember in the Art of Mixing book I got (good book for learning EQs and thinking in 3D).

The Eleven Rack is great at this kind of thing.

What I really wanted to do is keep learning because I've gotten to where I feel like I have to have the same FX, but then I hear some recordings that are really polished and stand out. Some of my favorite sounds come from guys who like to bump the reverb up more than I do, my son even makes it really obvious, but the Arena reverb doesn't mess with the tone too much (IMO it improves the tone if anything) and blends nicely even when you want that ambient sound. So I started using the Arena verb a lot more after that. In a mix, it works great.

So it's nice to see what you all like and get an idea.
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Re: What's your favorite Eleven Rack FX? - 12/11/15 05:06 PM

Best one for me is the Power On button :-D
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Re: What's your favorite Eleven Rack FX? - 12/11/15 05:13 PM