Lack of Communication

Posted by: Intelli-Shred

Lack of Communication - 11/30/15 08:41 AM

JUST now.. this morning got notice that CD Baby had published this to youtube.. back IN THE SPRING?!?!
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Re: Lack of Communication - 11/30/15 10:08 AM

Dude, is that like the whole song?... I can't believe they would post that when you're trying to sell it on their site....

BTW it sounds Great!!!
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Re: Lack of Communication - 11/30/15 01:01 PM

Yup.. that's the full song.. lol.. they also have it in full preview mode instead of just a clip..
if they're gonna steal it.. they're gonna steal it..
Thank you for listening.. and thank you.. that's ALL 11R and all takes forfreakinever to do.. BUT the caveat is that I think with the change in the middle and such.. if you just heard a snippet like you do on Amazon or iTunes .. you really don't get an idea of the change in the colors between the two parts.. so maybe its better that they have it up for a full listen?
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Re: Lack of Communication - 11/30/15 09:53 PM

And who says the 11R isn't able to keep up!
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Re: Lack of Communication - 12/01/15 02:40 PM

Originally Posted By: William
And who says the 11R isn't able to keep up!

thanks William! yup! All 11R on that track. \m/
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Re: Lack of Communication - 12/02/15 12:39 PM

That is one seriously cool tune you made there Kevin! I'm listening to it at work now and my buddy just asked me "who is that your listening too?"

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Re: Lack of Communication - 12/03/15 01:47 PM

Hey Kevin, what guitar and pickups are you using in the song for the lead? Is the 11r the only thing between you and the daw/interface on this track?
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Re: Lack of Communication - 12/08/15 05:01 PM

The whole thing Downrazor is 11R..drums..bass.. everything..
On THAT particular tune.. I'm using my Charvel loaded with a DiMarzio LiquidFire neck and an Andy Timmons bridge.. it is my fave bridge pup in alder.. mahongany.. and mahogany with a maple cap..
The bass tracks are a EBMM stingray and an old Jackson concert bass.. the solo is the Jackson.. as it was a light more snarly.. if that makes sense..
nothing on their except 11r.. the guitar tracks are a Soldano rig that I made two 11Rs ago.. lol.. it fools a lot of "experts" and you can also hear it in the live jam with Larry Mitchell vs his AxeFx ultra or 2.. whatever the last one was?!?
Lead is stereo.. rhythm guitars are mono slightly different parts but panned super far left and right and then that leaves me a "lane"/hallways kind of wide and up the middle as far as stereo panning and I pan them as far wide as I can without overlapping the "pan lanes" that I did where I pushed the rhythm guitars so far left and right.. if any of that made ANY
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Re: Lack of Communication - 12/09/15 05:23 AM

Nice tune, man!
Yes, 11R still rocks on his own.