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Jump to new posts Re: Eleven Rack / Pro Tools upgrade for PC ? by jaminjimlp @ Today at 03:43 AM

Win 7 & 10 work great with PT12 no issues... win 10 is better IMHO... I have been building computers since the early 90's FWIW... I saw where a guy was saying that all learning istitutions sell there old computers after around 5 yrs for a fractio
Eleven Rack Discussion
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Oh and the EPSI can be used after any stomp box or processor and you don't "have to" cut off the built in cabs to use it some have said that it sounds better with both... I really need to sell my 11r since I've not even turned it on since
Eleven Rack Discussion
i think if you have to go amp and cab way,go with a true valve amp,if you have to go digital then for that money or little more you have an entire world of option out there