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J's SLO 100

Pickup Position: Bridge Pickup Type: Humbucker
Requires Expansion Pack: Yes
Artist: Jaytor15
Author: Jaytor15
Comments: Base Lead and Rythm Patch for SLO amp sim with ParaEq set to take out unwanted fizz(huge difference!)

Bass,Mid,Treb,Pres are in their sweetspot for this particular amp as its a very bright amp. Play with the presence if its too dark for your taste.

Mess around with the Master Volume and Pregain settings for maximum versatility
Js SLO100.tfx
Filename: Js SLO100.tfx
Filesize: 1 kB
Filetype: data
Downloaded: 733
Added: 29.8.2011

Date added: 2011-08-29 04:48:53    Hits: 318
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